long-term interventions

we do coaching and process facilitation with groups, communities and organisations over a sustained period of time doing deep transformative and strategic work with them.
we begin with desk reviews, research and dialogue to map the systems in play and the leverage points and then work with them to create an intervention plan.
this often means working with them on values, processes, strategies and/or mindset shifts through their live challenges, ensuring not just that it is firmly situated in their contexts, but also holding space for them through the challenges of implementation and not just design.
two such examples are:

short-term interventions & workshops

we also work with groups, communities and organisations on very specific issues and questions, designing quick collective sensemaking interventions and/or workshops to tackle them. 
some of these are more structured (such as organisational retreat), 
some of them are more imaginative and play-based designed to foster better solution-ing along with connection and team-bonding, 
and some of them are learning spaces designed for thinking and “arriving at” together. 
some examples are:

tools, games, frameworks

we are often also brought on to design frameworks, scaffolds and processes for tools, curation projects as well as learning experiences.
this involves doing a deep dive into the research on it through desk reviews, literature reviews and primary data collection, and then putting that together into an actionable framework or process that can be used to build the actual tool or courses.
some examples are:

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